Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MADTV iRack video.

I personally believe that this video could fit into the notion of "Places and forms of power". The video shows in a humorous way the power of the United States of America, drawing a parallel between Apple's high technology products (that are ridiculed e.g. the iVacuum cleaner) and the USA's military power. Indeed, Steve Jobs puts everything he wants into the iRack and the spectators are helpless, not being able to stop him. This can remind us of George Bush's attitude about Irak: he didn't take into consideration the other countries' opinions and of course, not Irak's opinion on its invasion.

This video could also be in the "Myths and Heroes" category. The man depicted is a hero of our age: Steve Jobs. He was Apple's CEO, one of the most important high technology companies in the world. Many people admire him greatly nowadays and therefore he could be considered a hero!

The video could also be treated from the Notion of Progress' point of view because it shows many high technology products. However, I don't think it is the main objective of the video: I believe the Madtv team aimed to imply a very strong   political message in this video.